Commit a62e3ab0 authored by Hakan Uygun's avatar Hakan Uygun

refs #5111 organization level datası eklendi

parent 7d8a311f
......@@ -168,4 +168,18 @@
<column name="SEQUENCE_NEXT_HI_VALUE" valueNumeric="100" />
<changeSet author="huygun" id="data-21" context="create-db">
<loadData tableName="ORGANIZATION_LEVEL" file="datas/provinces.csv">
<column name="ID" type="NUMERIC" />
<column name="LEVEL" type="NUMERIC" />
<column name="NAME" type="STRING" />
<changeSet author="huygun" id="data-22" context="create-db">
<insert tableName="hibernate_sequences">
<column name="SEQUENCE_NAME" value="ORGANIZATION_LEVEL" />
<column name="SEQUENCE_NEXT_HI_VALUE" valueNumeric="1" />
\ No newline at end of file
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