GitLab Admin Area [CORE ONLY]

The Admin Area provides a web UI for administering some features of GitLab self-managed instances.

To access the Admin Area, either:

  • Click the Admin Area icon (the spanner or wrench icon).
  • Visit /admin on your self-managed instance.

NOTE: Note: Only admin users can access the Admin Area.

Admin Area sections

The Admin Area is made up of the following sections:

Section Description
Overview View your GitLab Dashboard, and maintain projects, users, groups, jobs, runners, and Gitaly servers.
Monitoring View GitLab system information, and information on background jobs, logs, health checks, request profiles, and audit logs.
Messages Send and manage broadcast messages for your users.
System Hooks Configure system hooks for many events.
Applications Create system OAuth applications for integrations with other services.
Abuse Reports Manage abuse reports submitted by your users.
Deploy Keys Create instance-wide SSH deploy keys.
Service Templates Create service templates for projects.
Labels Create and maintain labels for your GitLab instance.
Appearance Customize GitLab's appearance.
Settings Modify the settings for your GitLab instance.